A Catalog of Unwanted Paper and Various Objects

with Ilana Curtis, Lafina Eptaminitaki, & Lauren Safier


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Part performance art, part time-based media, part publication: this project examines the relationship between the real and representational through meditations with refuse. Our group spent every Friday for the Spring 2022 semester collecting various bits of recyclable objects and amounts of paper to be complied in this publication.

Troubling the discrete concepts of value, worth, and legitimacy as set forth by the colloquia at Harvard GSD, we questioned the very idea of that which is considered art or design object through intentional practice and careful indexing. These ideas were examined in this project, along with consumption patterns, the economy of perpetual work, and the concept of survivalism as well.
With this in mind, our catalog became a collection of simulacra interspersed with time-based vignettes, both realized and speculative – yet ultimately best understood through experiencing.

The prologue is included to your right here; if you’re brave enough to endure, the full catalog can be accessed

This project was advised by Malkit Shoshan for VIS 2484: Interdisciplinary Art and Design Practices at Harvard Graduate School of Design, Spring 2022.