A Slipcast Corner & An Extruded Rod

with Shant Charoian

Fall 2021

︎ Exhibition
︎ Art
︎ Writing

︎ Research
This project examined the aptitude ceramic manufacturing processes, namely slip-casting and extrusion, had in interaction with each other within different formualted corner typologies.

Actualizing digitally modeled forms through 3D printing and ceramic techniques, our project processually answered our research questions: how these ceramic materials work structurally in tandem with one another, and the methods most successful regarding joinery fabrication.

This project is in the peer-review process with publishing expected soon. Click here to see the full article and more images.

This project was advised by Zach Seibold for SCI 6317: Material Systems: Digital Design & Fabrication at Harvard Graduate School of Design, Fall 2021. The project was also exhibited at Harvard Ceramic Laboratory, Office of the Arts in Spring 2022.