Lynwood in Motion: A Drive-Thru Ethnography


︎ Ethnography
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︎ Research
For this project, I conducted first-hand ethnographic research on the city of Lynwood, California, located in Los Angeles County. I examined the role spaces of civility in Lynwood, such as outdoor malls and public parks, have in creating ideologies and environments of communality. Using a historiographic lens, I constructed a chronological narrative of the city with special respect to the people and places I witnessed during my time in Lynwood, attempting to understand the ethos of the city from an outside perspective. 

My research was informed by the upcoming redevelopment project of the Rio Hondo confluence area in southeastern Los Angeles and its nascent impact on the surrounding areas, Lynwood included.

This project was advised by Susan Synder & George Thomas for HIS 4479: Power & Place: Culture and Conflict in the Built Environment at Harvard Graduate School of Design, Spring 2022.